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Fall Hat Guide

As I unpacked my new bedroom, I came to a realization — I am a crazy hat lady… and I am totally fine with that!

But seriously, there are currently 13 hats hanging on my wall (like the little works of art they truly are).

I got into hats years ago out of necessity. Long days touring under the Tuscan sun was dangerous for my skin and bleached my hair. What I unexpectedly discovered, however, is that traveling with a hat is amazing. The right hat completes a look and makes you look instantly chic while covering un-styled and/or dirty hair. Paired with over-sized sunglasses, you can even look great in photos with virtually no make up! See exhibit A. After discovering this little travel and life secret, I fully embraced the hat… even when I was not traveling.

Each season I add to my growing collection. I take very good care of my hats, you might even say obsessive. I keep them clean them and never bend the brims. When boater hats took off two seasons ago, I was in heaven, since I have always preferred structured hats over floppy hats.

This fall hats are going to be a major accessory. I feel like the hat is making a come back, and I couldn’t be happier. The boater is here to stay (but in darker colors and heavier fabrics) along with the wide-brim fedora. But a new silhouette has burst on to the scene — the Greek Fisherman cap. I am also thrilled to see that berets are back in a big way. Remember my all-time favorite hat, my petite beret?

People tend to feel like they are either a hat person or not a hat person. But trust me, if you feel like you are not a hat person, you just haven’t found the right hat. If you are looking for a good trial hat, I would stick to the classic beret. Berets pretty much look good on everyone.

To get you started on your fall hat shopping, I have rounded up my favorites in each trending style below. Happy hat shopping!

Are you a hat person?