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My Fall Wish List

I do a lot of online window shopping. It is part of my morning routine while enjoying my coffee. I love scrolling through new arrivals and seeing what styles, colors, and silhouettes are trending. RewardStyle makes it easy to save my online likes (even into different categories), which makes it super easy to collect and analyze what I am liking. This also keeps me from impulse buying. If you don’t have RewardStyle, you can also do this on Pinterest.

I like to collect new arrivals and see what will work with my current wardrobe. It also helps me collect similar items and decide which particular style or price point works best for me and my budget. Where do I want to splurge this season and where can I save? Bookmarking items also gives me the sense of purchasing or shopping without spending money, which is always a good thing! If you want to keep up with my most recent likes, you can always click “MY WISH LIST” under the “GET THE LOOK” tab at the top of the page.

My online shopping over the past couple weeks (I have had lots of time during my move and Irma to do substantial online window shopping) has definitely revealed several key trends that I am definitely wanting to add to my fall wardrobe — more yellow, military details, vintage accessories, velvet, millennial pink, and bold sleeves.

Of course, not all of the items saved to my wish list are realistic. Sometimes it is fun to save dream or inspirational pieces. This can help you develop your personal style and find similar items in your price-point.

You can shop my current fall wish list below.

What items, colors, or silhouettes are topping your wish list this fall?