The Perfect Fall Dress



Ok, you can stop looking, because I have found the perfect dress for fall.

Despite autumn beginning officially last week, it certainly has not felt like fall. Despite the warm temps, however, I still want to start dressing in fall’s rich hues and warm florals. Enter this dress. It will give you all of the fall feelings without overheating (which I most certainly did in the other fall looks I shot last week, #doitfortheblog).

My favorite part about this dress is the illusion skirt. The skirt is sheer from the knee to the ankle. But it is not too obvious, the light has to hit it just right. In addition to the skirt, the warm colors of the dress (with a gold thread running through fabric) are perfection. You will never look washed out in this dress.

I don’t know about you, but I love dresses in the fall just as much as I love them in the spring and summer. So, I love when I find a great dress in a fall floral (think warmer, deeper colors).

Em and I took these photos during a sunrise walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Sunrise on the bridge is absolutely gorgeous and if you’re planning a trip to NYC, I highly recommend adding it to your itinerary. It is completely worth the wake up call, plus you can always nap later lol.







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