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Dressing Your Shape

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Dressing your shape
How to Dress Your Body Type
How to Dress Your Shape

This outfit served as an important reminder to me. No matter what’s trending, I should always dress my shape (or body type)! I remember looking at these photos after Jess and I shot them and proclaiming, “wow, I look so tall!” That’s becuase this outfit highlights everything I should be highlighting and deemphasizes my “problem” areas.

When it comes to dressing your shape, you should always strive for balance and proportion. So, if you are heavier on the bottom, emphasize your upper body. I am short and heavier on top, so ideally I should stick to items that emphasize my (surprisingly) longish and more slender legs (I say longish, becuase while I am short, my legs are pretty long in comparison), and lower-cut tops that shrink my chest and elongate my neck. And surprisingly, if you want to make your chest look bigger, opt for higher necklines and turtlenecks.

No body shaming here, just the facts. No one is perfect, and while I am pretty content with my size and shape, we all want to look taller and slimmer, right?!

I know this formulate works for me, but like anyone who loves fashion, I sometimes get caught up in trends and don’t always stick to what I know works. And that is ok too. I think fashion should be fun. But, as I looked through these photos, I decided that this skirt is my new best friend. Because when you find pieces that are stylish and fit your shape, you pounce! This sweater is also so good. It is comfy but still flattering and 100% cotton (so no itchy wool!).


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