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Plaid Mixing

jcrew Ruffle mini skirt in houndstooth
jcrew Ruffle mini skirt in houndstooth

jcrew Ruffle mini skirt in houndstooth

I almost didn’t shoot this skirt for the blog. Yes, I love it. And I have worn it non stop since purchasing it back in September. But I wasn’t quick enough when it came to the blog. Before I knew it, everyone, and I mean everyone, was wearing this skirt on Instagram and in the Blog-o-sphere. After seeing it paired with every color sweater possible, I figured there was nothing stylistically I could add to the skirt, so why share it?

Honestly, this is a bit of a blogging pet peeve for me. Bloggers are supposed to be amateur stylists, a resource for finding and paring clothing items. So, it’s a bit frustrating when everyone blogs the exact same items, styled in the exact same ways. What’s the point? Of course, bloggers are bound to end up with the same items occasionally, and that is fine, but I don’t need to see twenty blog posts about this skirt, all styled the same way.

I changed my mind, however, a couple weeks ago when organizing my closet. I tossed my favorite Madewell plaid shirt on my bed and it landed on top of this skirt. Suddenly it hit me. I should style this skirt with another plaid. When I added my favorite cropped motto jacket, this look quickly became one of my all time favorites, and I couldn’t wait to blog/share it.

Mixing plaids isn’t easy, but when it’s done right, it creates a really interesting and unique look. When mixing plaids, it is best to stay within the same basic color palette, but vary the size or dominate color of the plaids. If you want to get technical, this skirt is considered a herringbone pattern, but to me it reads as a small plaid.

Sadly, this skirt is only still available in limited sizes. But J.Crew does have this same silhouette in velvet for the holidays. It is a great little skirt, and I am thinking of grabbing the lilac velvet. I mean, who doesn’t love a stylish skirt with an elastic waist? This Madewell shirt is still available here, and this jacket is on super sale here.

What are your thoughts on lots of bloggers blogging about the same items? Love it or hate it?