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Sweet Savannah + A Map Guide

The Perfect Weekend in Savannah + Map Guide

Best Photo Spots in Savannah

Map Guide Savannah

I have to be honest. My love of Charleston blinded me to the charm and warmth of Savannah. Savannah was always just a town I stopped by in on my way to Charleston. For my sister’s birthday, however, we decided to make Savannah our destination. Mostly for the city’s open container law, but also becuase I wanted to really explore and discover the city, rather than dismiss it as a second-rate Charleston.

Turns out, spending a weekend in “just” Savannah was a great idea. Having more time to really explore the city on foot, allowed me to get out of the tourist traps and really see Savannah’s charm. I am always a sucker for a city with lots of history and interesting architecture, and Savannah has plenty of both.

We checked into the most adorable B&B located in a huge purple historic Victorian home Friday evening and were up bright and early Saturday morning to explore (more on our fab B&B Wednesday). I am lucky that my sister and I both like to go to bed early and get up early to explore. We also both love to walk and managed to rack up close to 10 miles our first day! Oh, and she is also a really good sport about photos. Not only will she take all the ones I ask for, she lets me photograph her, and she’s basically the cutest!

For a day of exploring the city on foot, I opted for this flowy floral dress (which, btw is a great deal at the moment), my comfiest booties, and my favorite cropped pink jacket. Sadly, this is old, but I found a great dupe here. I also took my new purse out for a spin! After weeks of agonizing over size, I decided the mini Marmont was the perfect size and shape for me. After wearing her all weekend, I have zero regrets. She is as functional as she is stylish!

I have created a Google Map for Savanah with all of our favorite places to eat, stroll, and, of course, photograph!

You can also click here for the map!

And, I would love to hear any Savannah recommendations you think I should check out next time I am in town, because I am definitely going back!