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History in High Heels, Paris, Louvre
History in High Heels, Paris, Louvre
Veronica Beard Blazer and Dicky
History in High Heels, Paris, Louvre
Veronica Beard Blazer and DickyTrompe-l’œil is a French term and an artistic technique that means, to trick or deceive the eye. It uses hyper-realistic shadows and contouring along with perspective to create an optical illusion. Typically it is used to make two-dimensional paintings or frescos look three-dimensional. It was insanely popular throughout Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, so you will see it everywhere, especially in cities like Paris. Ornate ceilings and moldings often look elaborately carved, but they are actually simply painted. Think of it like a modern-day faux marble contact paper hack.

Speaking of modern-day trompe-l’œil, this Veronica Beard blazer is a perfect example. It may look like I layered a striped sweater under this beautiful blazer, but in fact, it is a trick of the eye. That’s because the striped sweater underneath is actually a dicky. No, not a Howard Walowitz dicky, a fashionable dicky that gives you all the interest and style of layers, without the bulk!

Nobody has mastered the dicky like Veronica Beard. In fact, most of her timeless and well-cut blazers come with a hidden zipper and button system to attach her specially-designed dickies. You can choose from hoodies, sweaters, and even faux vests. Now, I am not saying these blazers and dickies are cheap, they are definitely an investment. That said, however, I have had zero regrets since investing in this black blazer. It is a timeless piece that will look chic for years to come, and I have basically worn it once a week since purchasing.

Since I cannot resit mixing prints, I paired my striped dicky with this floral Club Monaco skirt. I really love the fun and flattering asymmetrical ruffle cut of this skirt. It is perfect for winter when paired with tights and over-the-knee boots, but will also transition well into spring.

Are you ready to embrace the dicky?

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