Trendy Workwear

Trendy Workwear
Trendy Workwear
Trendy Workwear
Trendy Workwear
Trendy Workwear

Who says workwear has to be boring? You can look professional in more than just a suit or the standard trouser-cardi combo. Now, I know that I have a bit more leeway in academia then someone who works in a conservative law firm. But that said, I think there is a way to select workwear that still reflects your personal style and reflects contemporary fashion and trends.

I never want to feel like I have to have two wardrobes — one for work and one for the rest of my life. My goal with workwear is to buy pieces that can also be used outside of the office. Take this plaid blazer for example. It is a very simple and traditional blazer, but done in a more modern plaid fabric. Paired with black pants or a skirt, it is still very work appropriate, but I can also pair it with jeans or add the denim dickey for a trendier look.

These ruffled hemmed black pants are another great example of trendy yet versatile workwear. You could pair these with a simple blouse and they won’t feel too trendy for work, but you could also throw on a cute crop top and wear them for an evening out. Think a white cotton oxford is only for work? Think again. I love tying oxfords at the waist for a more casual look, and it is also a great way to highlight your waist FYI.

While I would not wear this entire look into the office… who am I kidding, I probably would… I would and have worn each of these pieces.

Do you keep your a separate work wardrobe?

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