Perfect Travel Dress

The Perfect Travel Dress in Positano
The Perfect Travel Dress in Positano
The Perfect Travel Dress in Positano
The Perfect Travel Dress in Positano
The Perfect Travel Dress in Positano
It is rare that I find a perfect dress for travel. For some reason, my requirements seem hard to find — short sleeves, knee length, light weight fabric, comfortable but flattering, and in an interesting color or pattern. Am I asking for too much? Whenever I do happen to find this unicorn of a dress, I do not hesitate to scoop it up!

This Joie dress met all of my requirements and I adored the pattern. Clearly this was one of my best purchases for the summer since, not only did it photograph beautifully in Positano, I have also worn it several times already this summer. In fact, I liked this dress so much, that even picked it up in red just before I left.

While the pattern version is still my favorite, you can never go wrong with a great red dress! But a pro travel tip when it comes to solids verses patterns. You might think that solids are more versatile, but it is important to remember that a great pattern like this one, looks so much more interesting in photos and, most importantly, hides stains!

I have guide posts planned for Positano, Sorrento, and great day trips along the Amalfi Coast, but if you have any posts you would like to see or questions you would like answered, please comment below and let me know!

You can see everything I packed for my summer abroad here.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Travel Dress”

  1. I have a question about what you packed for your trip. I just purchased the black and white gingham skirt you linked from Nordstrom and I’d like a black top to go with it. Any recommendations?
    Thank you!

    1. HistoryinHighHeels

      I love old Navy’s lux tees in either black or white. I really like these because you can knot/tie them at the waist for added interest (and waist definition).

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