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Going out With a Beep

You guys, I am so sad. This is my last post from Italy for the summer! I am always sad to leave Italy, it is my happy place. If I could legally move there tomorrow (and support myself) I totally would. I guess for now I have to settle with my part-time arrangement.

Allie and I decided to end our Roman holiday with a beep instead of a bang. We rented bright red Vespas to explore the trendy Monti neighborhood (you can see my Monti guide here). For the occasion we couldn’t help but wear our Vespa shirt dresses. Yes, that is right, we spent the day in matching Vespa dresses (#sorrynotsorry). We definitely got some looks!

As a busty lady, I cannot say enough good things about Boden’s shirt dresses. They are basically the only shirt dress  I can wear that don’t pull across the chest. The secret is in the buttons. There is a second set of hidden buttons that fasten in the opposite direction, ensuring that your shirt dress won’t separate or gape in any situation. Not only is this cute dress still available, it is currently only $48! Boden also releases their shirt dress each season in different patterns and colors. I’ve rounded up my fall favorites below.