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I am baaaack!!!!!

Wow, so much life has happened since I last posted. Apologies for the radio silence on here for the past couple of months, but the final 6 weeks of your dissertation, followed by your defense is no joke. I had to set the blog aside and focus everything I had on finishing. No one prepares you for how tough and taxing those final weeks are. It feels like you work on your dissertation for years, but the bulk of it gets done in the last two months.

Needless to say, as I am sure you could guess by the obnoxious “DR” balloons, I passed my defense and successfully submitted it for my PhD. I am now officially a doctor, although still not-that-kind-of-doctor. In addition to finalizing my dissertation, I also began applying for academic jobs, which is basically like another full-time job. I was also fortunate enough to score my first on campus interview! I am still waiting to hear back, and I am so hopeful, but I know that even if I don’t get this position going through the on-campus process was a great learning experience.

And if all of this was not enough, I also spent close to two weeks in Colombia for work. As I get back into the habit of blogging, I plan on sharing more about my experiences finishing my dissertation, defending, and applying for jobs as well as my time in Colombia.

Stay tuned and it feels good to be back!

PS – Officially walking this weekend, follow along on Instastories for more!