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The Best of Bogotá

Cartagena will always be my favorite city in Colombia, but I was shocked by just how much I enjoyed my time in Bogotá. The capital city of Colombia is an enchanting blend of cool, modern dinning and shopping and colonial art and architecture.

Thanks to a favorable exchange rate, your budget will go far in Colombia. Which means you have the option of staying in a modern hotel in the affluent Chapinero neighborhood, a trendy suite in the hip downtown Zona Rosa (or Zona T), or an historic home/hostel in the Candelaria district. Which ever you decide, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable Bogota and all of Colombia is!

While we stayed in a chic, upscale area north of the historic center, Chapinero, my favorite part of town to explore was the historic neighborhood called La Candelaria. The entire neighborhood is a fascinating juxtaposition between old and new and is home to the cities most popular attractions. You won’t want to miss the Gold Museum, the Botero Museum, or the stunning striped facade and ornate interior of Iglesia del Carmen. For the best people watching or a fun picture with a llama, head to the center of town – Plaza Bolívar.

You will also want to set aside some time to wander the colorful colonial streets of la Candelaria. If you are looking for something more structured, there are lots of walking and biking tours of neighborhood and its iconic graffiti. I have also included my favorite colorful photo spots in this neighborhood on the map below.

As cities go, Bogotá is massive. If you truly want to appreciate her size, take the funicular train or cable car up to the top of Monseratte (a mountain just east of the city). From there you will get an epic view of the city below and you can enjoy an incredible traditional lunch at Casa Santa Clara

For more on what to do, see, and eat in Bogotá, check out my map guide below!