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Weekly Finds

Heatless Hair – I discovered this company on TikTok. The product is often out of stock, but I stalked their TikTok for a restocking notification. As soon as it was available, I pounced! Honestly, the results seem too good to be true, which is why I had to try it. From what I gather, this new small business is struggling to keep up with demand. They sell out in hours and the product does not ship for a month. But I have yet to find something similar, so I am willing to wait. As soon as I get mine, I will let you know what I think!

Hestra Mittens – While upstate with my friend Jess, I fell in love with her adorable red fair isle mittens. Hers were old and from Abercrombie. So, I set out on a mission to find something similar. In the process, I accidentally stumbled on an incredible Swiss family-owned glove company called Hestra. I received my adorable Swiss mittens in just two days! I was blown away by the quality. Not only are they adorable, but they are SUPER warm, and the quality is incredible. I also love this cable knit pair.

The Perfect Winter Lip – All I want to wear in the winter is chap stick or lip balm. But I also need some color, especially in photos. I have pretty much tried every tinted lip balm on the market and this one is the best in terms of moisturizing, texture, and color! It keeps my lips soft without being too heavy and the red color is strong and stays without bleeding all over my face.

Dreamy Sweatpants – Let’s be honest, working from home in the winter means that I spend most days in sweatpants. As such, I have tried a bunch and, so far, these are my favorites. I paired them with this cute striped top. This look is comfy but makes me feel like I actually got dressed and I don’t look like a complete bum.

Cute Capes – You all know that I am a big cape fan. But cute capes are surprisingly hard to find. I recently discovered this Etsy shop with an amazing selection of custom-made wool capes at excellent price points. I believe the woman who makes them is based in Shanghai, so shipping does take a while. But the quality looks excellent and she takes your measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Mine should arrive soon and I will share my thoughts on the quality, but I am not expecting to be disappointed as she has nothing by 5-star reviews!  

Sheertex – I always ruin tights, always! So, I was very excited to try these “indestructible” tights by Sheertex. I ordered this set and I have to say, so far, I am very impressed. No runs or rips and they feel super strong.