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Cherry Blossom Season at the Thompson DC

As a DC resident, I am often asked about visiting DC during cherry blossom season and where to stay. First, let me be honest. Planning a trip to see the cherry blossoms is very tricky. These gorgeous blooms can be unpredictable. For example, this year they bloomed out of no where, five days early. The good news is that if the weather cooperates, no wind and no heavy rain, the blooms do last one to two weeks. My advice? Be willing to drop everything when they bloom, or, plan a longer stay, which will increase your odds of catching peak bloom.

Now on to the important part – where to stay!

There is no better option than the Thompson Washington DC. Here’s why. First, this luxurious, modern hotel is ideally located. You can easily bike from the hotel to Hains Point, the Tidal Basin, and the Mall, all of which are prime cherry blossom viewing locations. Second, they offer a fabulous cherry blossom package, called “Bikes, Baskets, Blooms, and Flights,” that includes a 24-hour, unlimited Capital Bike Share pass, a basket of snacks, and a flight of cherry blossom inspired cocktails, which you can enjoy on the go while visiting the blossoms or when you return back to the hotel after a long day of exploring. Trust me, biking to the blossoms is the only way to go. Traffic and parking are always a mess!

Of course, I would also recommend the Thompson DC to anyone visiting DC — cherry blossoms or no cherry blossoms. It is located in Navy Yard, which means there are plenty of amazing dining options (I love Chloe, District Winery, and Maialino Mare) and from Navy Yard, you can easily walk to Capital Hill, the Mall, or hop on the Metro to explore all of DC’s famous landmarks.

Beyond their fabulous location, the Thompson DC has spacious and beautiful rooms with big comfy beds, exceptional customer service, and a signature scent that makes you want to stay forever!