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Anthropologie Bar Cabinet Ikea Hack

I absolutely love the look of Anthropologie’s pink velvet Juneau bar cabinet. The color, the velvet and gold detailing, the marble handle… it is tres chic!

I also knew the pink velvet would look so good against my green chinoiserie wallpaper, which I am still mildly obsessed with and you can find here.

What I did not love was the $2,198.00 price tag!

Given everything I wanted to do in my apartment, and the fact that I don’t really drink or use a bar cabinet, I could not justify that price tag. So, I figured out a way to recreate it for less than $250!

Of course, this is an Ikea hack. And a pretty simple one at that! You are basically just adding some elevated details to the Skruvby cabinet, which is only $119.

Create Anthropologie's Juneau bar cabinet for a fraction of the price with this Skrubvy Ikea hack

Here is everything you will need for this hack (and the items I used are linked below):

  • 1 Skruvby Cabinet (I went with white since I was painting it a lighter pink)
  • Paint
  • BIN primer (the secret to painting Ikea items)
  • Small paint roller
  • 1.5 inch paint brush
  • Detail paint brush
  • 4 furniture legs
  • 6, 2.5 inch pool noodles
  • Glue
  • Stretch velvet fabric
  • Wood trim/molding (¼ inch thickness)
  • 1 U-bracket
  • 1 Circular Marble coaster or dish (I used a soap dish from Target)
  • Marble contact paper
  • Gold paint
  • Staple gun
  • Nail gun
  • Hanging rack for wine glasses (optional)
  • Directions:

    Begin by assembling your Skrubvy cabinet. I assembled everything except putting on the legs and placing the shelves. I then primed and painted the cabinet and shelves. While that dried, I moved on to the cabinet doors. To create the doors, cut your pool noodles in half length wise to create 12 half circles. Cut each to the length of the doors. Glue your first noodle onto the door, as close as possible to the edge. Once dry, flip your door over and staple the fabric to the back along the side of the door (the longest side, you want the stretchiest part of your fabric to be horizontal across the door), be sure to staple about an inch or so away from the edge. You will cover these staples later with trim. Flip your door back over and stretch the velvet horizontally over the first noodle, secure along the side of the noodle with your staple gun. Flip your fabric back over the noodle, so it is out of the way, and glue your second noodle down to the door. Repeat this process of glue and covering each noodle with your velvet fabric until the door is covered. If your noodles are tight enough, this should almost cover the door perfectly. I had to trim just a bit of width off my last noodle. Repeat this process to cover the second door. To finish the doors, stretch the fabric over the top and bottom and secure with your staple gun. Once the doors are covered, you can affix the hinges to the door on top of the stretch velvet.

    When your cabinet is dry, you can add your legs to the base and marble contact paper to the top. To mimic the Anthropologie cabinet, I then painted the font and sides of the top and bottom pieces with gold paint. Finally, I added my painted shelves and affixed the doors to the cabinet.  

    The handle was the hardest part to figure out. I ended up finding a marble soap dish at Target that looks almost exactly like our inspo cabinet. I painted the sides gold with my gold paint and then affixed it to the right-hand door with a u-bracket. I used very strong glue to attach the marble dish to the metal bracket and small wood screws to screw it into the door.

    Finally, to finish the back side of the doors, I cut wood trim to size and covered the staples and edges of the fabric (you will have to leave space for the door bracket on the right side). I secured these on top of the fabric with a nail gun and 1 inch nails. I then primed and painted the trim and the exposed backside of the doors with the same paint and primer as the rest of the cabinet.

    And just like that I had my Anthropologie dupe for 11% of the cost!

    If you need more visuals, see my Instagram reel!