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Amazon Teacher Wish lists!

Every little bit helps! Please click on a list below to shop and send these teachers the items they so desperately need. Let’s clear some lists!

I am a teacher in Brooklyn, NY and entering my 4th year teaching, but will be transitioning from special education to general education high school math. My students are absolutely incredible, but often come to class without notebooks or pencils and so I end up providing these for them. I also would love to be able to have a few classroom calculators for them and things like post it easel pads for activities and small post its for class gallery walks. Anything from my list would be incredibly helpful!

(submitted on behalf of her sister!) This will be her first year teaching 4th grade. She’s a mom of 4 who put herself through college to become a teacher. She did all of this WHILE battling Leukemia. Throughout her time in school she hit remission TWICE, but recently her leukemia came back 💔 she starts teaching in 2 weeks and is worried about getting everything set up in time.

CLEARED!!!! I am a World History and Participation in Democracy teacher in Hawaii. I work in a Title 1 school where almost all my students receive free lunch and live in public housing. Over half of them do not live with either parent and many live with “aunties”, “uncles”, grandparents or are in foster care. Often times they are bounced around from many family members and do not have a consistent home. Due to living in Hawaii, our supplies end up being more expensive. This year, I want to really help my students feel set up for success, which means helping them receive basic supplies and provide for some of their comfort. I want to expand their knowledge of the world as most have never and may never leave the island, and are stuck in that cycle. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you so much.

This is a list of items that I would love to have for my K-5 music classroom. Anything is appreciated!

I am a US Government teacher in Oklahoma! (Yes, it’s as difficult as you may think!) I strive to make my classroom a place of respite for all! I believe it is SO very important for students to have a solid foundation in the way our country works! For them to know the agency that is ripe for the taking! My goal is to create a family inside Club 209 (my class’ name), where each kid can come with their experiences + ideas and be celebrated! To teach them the value of their classmates, and their uniqueness!

I am a 3nd year teacher at a Title 1 middle school teaching self contained special education. These are all things that will help me support my students better. I appreciate any willingness to be a part of my classroom and any generosity!

I am a teacher in Sooke, BC, Canada in a low income area. I work with kids from many different backgrounds and abilities and try to provide the best experience possible while they are at school. After the past year with so many Covid restrictions, I am really hoping to make our transition back this Fall as wonderful as possible for the kids because I know how much they have missed some sense of “normal.”