Ultimate Rome Restaurant Guide

Because Allie and I are such giving and caring people, we selflessly ate our way through Rome, trying as many restaurants as possible so we

Sorrento Mini Guide

Sadly, Sorrento tends to be the ugly step-sister of the Amalfi Coast. Not that Sorrento is ugly, just that it is often overshadowed by trendier

Eating in Italy

Italians are serious about food. I am pretty sure there are more rules about food in Italy than driving. Actually, I am definitely sure about

Summer Travel Dresses

With Covid cases falling, vaccination rates rising, and the world beginning to reopen, I think we all have some sort of travel on the brain. I love traveling in the summer, but I hate the

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Weekly Finds

Heatless Hair – I discovered this company on TikTok. The product is often out of stock, but I stalked their TikTok for a restocking notification. As soon as it was available, I pounced! Honestly, the

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Visiting Greater Williamsburg

As a huge history nerd, you can imagine my delight when Visit Williamsburg reached out to me for a visit. The timing was perfect. With the emotional weight of 2020 and the inability to spend

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Fall Finds

At the beginning of this fall season I did a huge closet purge. It was time to reassess my wardrobe and get rid of things that were no longer working for me. I don’t have

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