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Apartment Therapy: DIY Dream Closet

Since returning home from three months abroad in Italy this summer, I have had the itch to redecorate. Probably because my apartment was dusty and musty when I arrived home, but also because I had never put my personal touch on the place to begin with. I should start by clarifying it is a condo, not an apartment. I bought it when the market tanked, so it was an incredible deal! However, buying a home is never cheap and I didn’t have much left over to decorate. My house warming presents and hand-me-down furniture ended up determining the style of my charming 1920s abode. But the place never really reflected my personal style. I have finally decided to do something about it (stay tuned)!

I started with the closet, since, as a historic building, there was zero closet space. For years I used a small rolling rack. I came across the Ikea Stoleman system a little over a year ago and I loved the way it transformed your closet into an open-air boutique!

I love the way it turned out! My clothes are beautifully displayed like the works of art they are. I can easily access everything, which means I know exactly what I have and wear a greater variety.

The best news is it is a tension rod system and will work in almost any room. The system allows you to completely customize and add or subtract various features. I started with the 4-section option and added an additional pole so I could relocate the floor to ceiling shoe rack (not pictured) to the other side of the room. I won’t say it was easy to install (it took me 12 hours, during which I refused to stop and only threw the stupid little allen wrench across the room once), but I did install the entire system by myself. All you need is a ladder and a level (and a little patience)!

Next up, a new couch!