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I just can’t get enough of: Kate Spade Jewelry

I will admit that I am not a huge jewelry person. For years I never wore anything. But like my fall resolution to wear more professional shoes, I promised myself last Spring I would start wearing more jewelry. As I started wearing more earrings, rings, and necklaces, I remembered why I never wore them to begin with–I have serious allergies to costume jewelry! I have to stick to higher quality bands who plate or coat their jewelry in actual gold or silver. I have had some luck with Jcrew, but the most luck with Kate Spade. It also doesn’t hurt that she makes the most perfect studs!

I love the colorful gumdrop earrings, and I recently added these two to my collection:

The skinny mini bow ring and matching earrings are my absolute favorites and I wear them all the time.

But how perfect are these for me? Together they epitomize my blog name and branding!