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Tips and Tricks: iOS7

I just came across this iOS7 trick and I thought I should share! Did you know you can create a button on your home screen for your favorite web pages? With one touch you could access your blog or blogs you love to follow. Such a create shortcut! You could also create shortcuts to your favorite stores. If you link the button to the new arrivals page you would always have quick access to the latest and greatest. It is almost like creating personalized aps!

The best part is, these shortcuts are quick and easy to make. Here is how you do it:

1) Open up the webpage you want to create the shortcut to (make sure you let it load completely).

2) Click on the bottom center button (it looks like a square with and arrow pointing up), and select add to Home Screen.

3) And voila, personalized buttons to take you directly to your favorite sites!

PS – At first I was apprehensive about iOS7 (it looked so different), but I am really starting to love it!