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Welcome to my blog!

For years I have wanted to blog. I start each day by combing through my favorite fashion, lifestyle, design, and academic blogs. While I never judge others for blogging, I always felt it would be a bit self-absorbed to start my own blog. But then again aren’t we all a little self-admiring these days? We live in a society where we are constantly fashioning our identities via social media. What’s the difference between posting on instagram and blogging?
So this is it, I am taking the plunge! But what will I write about? As a budding Italian historian, it is only fitting that I share my two loves (and Italy’s greatest legacies)—history and fashion. I am a PhD student who spends her semesters teaching and studying (and shopping) in Florida, and her summers researching (and shopping) in Florence, Italy.
The world of academia can be dismissive of women who embrace fashion and femininity. But it’s 2013, and I hope to prove you don’t have to dress dull or like a man to be taken seriously. I refuse to sacrifice my style or my academic legitimacy. Who says you can’t be stylish and studious?
Well, that’s my mission, to share my stylish journey through academia—equal parts fashion, travel, and higher education! (Fair warning, I love exclamation points!)