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30 X 30: Week 2

I’ve survived 1/3 of the 30 X 30 challenge! I was a little worried at the beginning of week two that I wouldn’t make it! The weather was hot and I had basically worn all of my warmer weather pieces (and I was tired of them). Layering allows for a lot more creativity and I think it is the key to this challenge. But thankfully about halfway through the week, we had our first cold front. Once the cooler weather hit, I had a lot more fun putting together outfits. Here is what I wore for week two (for a list of all of the pieces I selected for this challenge, click here):
Day 5: dress // necklace (old, but I love this one) // bracelet (old) // pumps
Day 6: shirt (similar) // skirt // earrings // bracelet // ring // wedges
Day 7: top // glasses // earrings // necklace // ring // ballet flats
Day 8: sweatshirt // skirt (old) // earrings // bracelet // ballet flats

Day 9: jacket // top // pants // earrings // necklace (old, but I also love this one) // bracelet (old) // pumps
Day 10: jacket // top // necklace // earrings // boots
Day 11: top // jeans // blazer (old, but I also love this one) // earrings //bracelet // ballet flats