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My 30 X 30 Wardrobe Challenge

The other day I was blog hopping (you know where you read the comments of your favorite blogs and click on the commenters’ links to find new blogs) and I stumbled upon Kendi Everyday and her wardrobe challenge, the 30 X 30 Remix. She created this wardrobe challenge to push herself to “shop” her wardrobe more, thus appreciating and being creative with the clothing she had, rather than always focusing on the pieces she wanted. Instantly I was hooked. I have this exact same problem and I want to challenge myself to “shop” my wardrobe more!

So here we go, I am going to select 30 pieces of clothing (including shoes, but not including accessories) and create 30 outfits over the next 30 days! This week I plan on selecting my pieces (25 pieces of clothing and 5 pairs of shoes) and photographing them to share. Selecting my clothing items will be difficult, since this is Florida and I have no idea if it will “get cold” over the next month!

I will begin the challenge on October 16th and finish on November 18th (I know that’s more than 30 days, but I will explain below). You can follow me on Instagram to see my daily creations and each week I will post a recap.

My rules:

  • I have to make a complete outfit each day from only the 30 items I have selected.
  • I must wear every item at least once before the end of the challenge.
  • I must reduce my shopping habit (I am not eliminating shopping completely because I think that’s a little extreme. I mean, what if there is an incredible sale?).
  • I am allowed one “pause” from November 7th through November 10th when I visit my mom in North Carolina. The weather there will be much colder and I wouldn’t be able to wear those heavier winter pieces over the next 30 days in Florida.

What I hope to gain:

  • Wardrobe Creativity!
  • An appreciation for the items I already own.
  • A better sense of what I actually need in my wardrobe.

Anybody else want to join me in this challenge?