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30 X 30: Week 4

I am calling this Week 4, but it is really just the four days before I left for North Carolina. I have to admit, I don’t think I would have made it through this challenge without accessories, specifically necklaces.

I am not a huge jewelry person, but this challenge has really opened my eyes to the transformative power of jewelry! There are some days I forget to put it on, and I still have an allergic reaction if I wear it too long (mostly my ears). But necklaces are a great option because they lay on top of my shirt, never really touching my skin. I am currently loving this, this, and of course, this!

Here is what I wore for Week 4 (it was a very pink and green four days lol):

Day 19: sweatshirt // blouse (old) // jeans // earrings // bracelet // bracelet (old) // ballet flats
Day 20: blazer // blouse (old, similar here) // jeans // earrings // ring // wedges
Day 21: jacket // blouse (old) // jeans // necklace // ballet flats
Day 22: puffer vest (old, similar here) // tee (old) // jeans // earrings // necklace // ballet flats

PS – For a list of all of the pieces I selected for this challenge, click here.