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Travel/Study Abroad Pre-Departure Timeline

I can’t believe that this fall semester is winding down. In the study abroad world, that means it is time to seriously start gearing up for the summer and fall semesters. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I truly believe in study abroad and I think it is oh-so important for American undergrads! 
Typically programs recruit students in the fall, but because the process from signing up for a program and actually going is long, some students get a little overwhelmed with what they need to do and when. 
Usually you should decide on a summer program before February. The three months prior to departure are filled with meetings, paper work, and information over-load. While not complete, I created this little info-graphic timeline as a basic guide for what you should be thinking about and when. Of course, I will elaborate on each of these as my summer abroad program nears! 
As soon as the winter break is over, I will start scheduling excursions and daily itineraries (did I mention I love planning?)! 
My number one piece of advice for students who are planning to study abroad is start saving as soon as possible and budget, budget, budget! Students always seem to over-pack and under-budget!