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Weekend Recap: North Carolina

I had a fabulous long weekend in North Carolina! I was so nice to be in cooler weather! My flight Thursday was a bit rocky. Everything was perfect until we started to taxi to the runway. Suddenly we stopped and the captain informed us the check engine light was on (or something like that) and we had to go back. We deplaned (never a good sign) and waited. Fortunately Delta rocks and got me on the next flight out and changed my connection. My arrival was only 4 hours later than it was supposed to be.

Once I got there my mom surprised me with massages, perfect way to end a day of travel. That evening we curled up in front of the fireplace and drank hot cocoa.

I could get use to this!

Friday we got up early on a mission–to visit a nearby (over an hour away lol) mall that was supposed to be great. Obviously my shopping habit comes from my mom. The Mall outside of Durham did not disappoint and we did some serious damage. Also, this happened:

Lilly was having a sale (in store only) and we both scooped up my all-time favorite tee shirt (in multiple patterns). Yes, I already own the floral version of this top, but just in case they never make it again, I now have a replacement (#nojudgement)!

Next we hit J.Crew who was offering 25% off. Thats where the matching puffers happened lol. We ended our spree at Nordstrom to check out the Michael Kors watch I had been lusting over. My mom liked it so much she got one too.

Once we were sufficiently spent, we headed over to the nearby Duke campus. I have a friend working on his doctorate in history there, plus I just love college campuses. He told me I had to see the chapel and he wasn’t kidding, it is gorgeous. Of course, the history nerd in me had to point out that it’s kind of a fraud–it’s neo-gothic, built in 1932. But it was still pretty, the whole campus is!

Saturday we slept in a bit and then headed to the local holiday fair. Lots of fun crafts and food.

It was nice to see all of the leaves and wear all of my winter clothes (I was tempted to change multiple times a day), but of course I didn’t wear half of what I brought.


I flew home Sunday, it was a short trip, but a great trip!