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DIY: Giant Jenga

 A Beautiful Mess also has a great Giant Jenga tutorial.
I love the way they painted their blocks!

There is a bar down the street from my house that not only has a fabulous selection of beer and wine but giant games like Jenga and Connect Four. My friends and I are obsessed with the giant Jenga. It is seriously so much fun!

Turns out they are ridiculously easy and inexpensive to make and I thought I would share a little giant Jenga DIY since Christmas is just around the corner and this would make a really great and unique last minute gift idea (especially for people who love to host parties or tailgate).

Here is what you do:
Head to Home Depot (or a similar home improvement store) and have an employee help you select six 2″ X 4″X 8′ boards (the cheap wood, no need to get anything fancy or treated). The lovely associates at Home Depot will even cut them for you (they cut mine for free!).

Have them cut your boards into 48 10.5″ pieces (you will have a couple extra). Total cost for the boards–about $22!

You can sand, paint, or treat the wood blocks, but remember they will be falling and hitting the ground, a lot. My cousins and I used sharpies to personalize the set we are giving their mom. I think it would be cute to decorate some of the blocks with Lilly patterns or school colors for game day tailgating. And of course, you could always monogram the set!

I also suggest constructing a simple base to stack the Jenga set on, but I left that project to the boys.

Seriously, how simple is this? Everyone who helped me at Home Depot fell in love with the idea and wanted to build one for their families. Trust me, everyone will love it!