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Eat, Drink, See, and Do: Barbados

I made a promise to myself that for each place I travel (from this point on), I would make a list of all of my favorite places to eat and drink, the best sights, and fun activities. So here is my first installment of Eat, Drink, See, and Do! I hope you find it useful!

I think it is so important to record what you have learned on the ground and pass that on to others. I love getting advice about new places from people who have recently been there (I was lucky enough to have someone who is basically a local)! I have hyperlinked the descriptions below (when possible).
1. Cuz
BEST. FISH. SANDWICH. I. HAVE. EVER. HAD. There is a reason this little fish shack out-ranks gourmet restaurants on Tripadvisor, it’s phenomenal. I would make Brittany take me there whenever possible.
The food at Cutters is also amazing (they serve more than just fish sandwiches) and they have the best rum punch on the island. But watch out, it is strong!
3. Mojo
Mojo is a great little restaurant with good food and drinks and a great casual yet fun atmosphere.
Ju-Ju’s is a great little beach bar with fantastic rum punch and french fries, perfect when you a quick snack on the beach.
5. Opa
If you get tired of Bajan food, you can pop in the Lime Grove Mall for some quick yet incredible Greek food. Order the feta fries, you will not be disappointed!
Oistins Fish Fry is the thing to do on a Friday night. It has a variety of local delights and fun people watching (if you stay late enough).
Right on the beach (in Oistins Bay), Surfer’s Cafe serves excellent coffee with an incredible view.

Only open on Saturdays, it is a great local spot to grab coffee and breakfast while listening to live music.

9. Animal Flower Cave
Located on the northern tip of the island, this cave has been carved out by fierce Atlantic waves. If the tides are right, you can climb down into the caves with a guide.

10. Sam Lord’s Castle
Sam Lord was a famous Bajan pirate. The legend goes that after amassing his fortune through privateering, he built a magnificent mansion on the coast… but he wasn’t done being a pirate. He would hang lanterns in the trees of his property to confuse passing ships. They would mistake it for Bridgetown and attempt to make port, but Sam Lord’s bay was a coral reef and the ships would crash as they sailed in, giving Sam Lord the opportunity to sail out and plunder! Today you can visit the mansion ruins and the amazingly beautiful bay that surrounds it.

11. Bottom Bay
Bottom Bay is a gorgeous bay and beach on the Southeast coast.

12. Martin’s Bay and Bathsheba
Bathsheba (a fishing village) is located on the rugged east coast of the island, this area is known for it’s large waves and surfers.

13. St. Nicholas Abbey
Not an abbey, but a gorgeous old sugar plantation that now produces rum.

14. Bridgetown
Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and dates from the 16th century. Although the historic buildings are not terribly well marked, it is worth an afternoon visit.

15. Wildlife Reserve
Make sure you visit the reserve at feeding time (2 pm)! Because it’s a reserve and not a zoo, there are no cages and the animals (monkeys, deer, tortoises, etc.) roam all around you as they wait for feeding time. If you are lucky, you can feed a friendly monkey!

16. Swimming with Sea Turtles
You can find friendly sea turtles in both Payne’s Bay and Carlisle Bay (they aren’t timid because the catamaran cruises feed them).

17. Drink from a Coconut!
Fresh coconuts are available all over the place, but my favorite was the rum concoction Ray Ray made for me on Crane Beach.

18. Snorkel in Folkstone
Folkstone is a marine park safe for snorkelers (no more worrying about crazy jet skies). It has beautiful coral reefs and it’s free!

19. Hike with the National Trust
Every Sunday the National Trust organizes hikes around the island. It really is the best way to see Barbados and it’s free too!

20. Catamaran Cruise
There are tons of companies offering catamaran cruises, but we took Jammin’ and had the best time! Completely worth the money!

21. South Coast Boardwalk
The south coast boardwalk is perfect for a relaxing evening sunset walk.

Of course my review of Barbados wouldn’t be complete without sharing some of my favorite pics:

That’s actually me at Long Bay (the bay of Sam Lord’s Castle)
Exploring the northeast coast (near the Animal Flower Cave) 
St. Nicholas Abbey
Fun with a historic outhouse at the Abbey
The Wildlife Reserve
Coconut drinks on Crane Beach
Overlooking Cave Bay
Catamaran Cruise
Hiking with the National Trust

I highly recommend Barbados as a tropical destination, it was such an amazing trip!