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Custom Pillows

One of my first projects of the new year is revamping my bedroom. Last year I built my dream closet (still in love) and now I want to make the rest of the room equally fabulous.

My plan is to stencil the wall and purchase a new duvet, pillows, and curtains (you can see all of my ideas on my Pinterest board). I am also searching for a great bedside table (why are bedside tables so expensive?).

While I have found the perfect duvet cover, curtains, and sheets (yes they are PB Teen, #nojudgement), I just couldn’t find decorative pillows for the bed that I loved. When I did find ones I liked (not loved), they were crazy expensive!

I was trolling online the other night still searching for pillows when I stumbled upon Café Press’s customizable throw pillows. A couple sketches later, mainly from my printshop, and voila–custom and adorable (imho) pillows I love! And none of them are over $25!

I think the sleep mask is my favorite (inspired by Audrey Hepburn, of course.)

What do you think? I can’t wait to share the finished product!