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How I Do It: My Fav Health and Fitness Aps

There are two health and fitness aps that I actually use and love–My Fitness Pal and Log Your Run. My Fitness Pal tracks your calories, while Log Your Run, well, logs your run with gps (and other exercise activities). As we all strive to be healthier this new year, these two aps will come in super handy because, at the end of the day, weight loss is as simple as calories in versus calories out!
I like My Fitness Pal because it is super easy to use and track your caloric intake. You can set your calories at whatever you like, but generally 1200 is for loosing weight (which is what mine is currently on, got to shed those holiday pounds). For every meal, you enter what you eat, it’s that simple.
There are several ways to enter your food. But the best part is it remembers you! It lists what you frequently consume (#dunkincoffee) as well as meals and recipes you can create and save. It also has the nutritional info for restaurants, so all you have to do is search that Panera Turkey Chili you ate and click add.
One of the best features is the barcode scanner. Simply scan any barcode to add to your food diary.
It also has a community feature, so you and your friends can cheer each other on. As you can see I don’t have that many, but friend me if you like (username – ashleybuchanan3)!
My Fitness Pal also logs exercise and subtracts calories burned from your overall caloric consumption (super important for staying within your calorie goal). But in order to track my calories burned I also use Log Your Run.
Log Your Run is simple, it logs your workout using gps (obviously it doesn’t work at the gym). 
I like it because you just turn it on while running and it tracks your pace, distance, and calories. It stores your workouts so you can see your progress. But my favorite, and what I will be using for my ½ marathon prep, is the training option. You can choose from the ones already in the ap or download more on their website–

After each work out, I save my run (post it to Facebook because I am that person lol) and then enter the calories burned into My Fitness Pal.
What fitness aps do you use? 
I know we are all trying to be healthier right now 😉