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New Goal: Run a Half Marathon

When I exercise I am good about challenging myself. The problem is the word “when.” I have a tendency to run hot and cold with my exercise habit. I will run 5 or 6 days a week for a couple weeks, but then go 3 weeks without running at all.

A good friend (who is a crazy triathlete) suggested that since I can already run 3-4 miles, I should train for a half marathon. It would keep my running consistent without being overly ambitious, because I am really more interested in the constant training than the ability to run extreme long distances (maybe one day I will want to run a marathon, but right now I am not that into the idea of 26 miles!). She also suggested I train with a heart rate monitor (one of my new Xmas presents), which would help me keep my heart rate in the fat-burning zone and keep my training intensity at a moderate (and sustainable) level.

So, I am going for it! I officially added “I will run a half marathon” to my 2014 goals. I haven’t decided which marathon I am going to do. I wanted to do the Disney Princess half marathon (sign me up for any race I get to wear a tiara in), but it is in February so the timing just isn’t right. Oh well, next year!

Finally, this is the training schedule I have decided to follow:

I am starting Monday January 6th and will finish in March. I will have to modify it slightly to fit this semester’s schedule, but on paper it looks do-able (she says now). Wish me luck!

Any one interested in training along with me?
PS – this is the perfect excuse for cute new workout clothes and shoes 😉