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New Year New Goals

So it’s that time of year once more, when we all make ridiculous resolutions that we only keep for a few weeks. I am not usually one to make resolutions (which imply an impossible transformation/change). Instead, I like to think of setting new goals and establishing new habits.

I think everyone should strive to be happier, healthier, and a better person each and every year, and January 1st gives us a great opportunity to reflect and reset! But remember that your goals should be realistic, measurable, and challenging.

My goals for 2014:
I will take my vitamins everyday (not just the days I remember)
I will run a half marathon (more on that later)
I will reduce my sugar intake (apparently it is the devil)
I will drink more water
I will put money into savings every month
I will be less impulsive with my purchases
I will continue to blog on a regular basis
I will visit four new European cities this summer (this one may not seem challenging, but it requires saving and planning)
I will cook two meals at home at least once a week (this will be challenging for me lol)
What are your New Year’s resolutions?