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Fashion Friday: The Barbour Shore Jacket

Three things I love: quality, history, and style. And Barbour jackets have all three! The iconic Barbour waxed jacket is world renown for its timeless look and superior quality. For more than a century (yes, a century) Barbour has been designing outerwear to meet the demands of a “stylish outdoor lifestyle.”

I was drawn to Barbour jackets for their superior quality. You know when it comes to price I am all about cost per wear. And I love companies who provide lifetime care and maintenance for their products. When I invest in something I want amazing quality and I want it to last!

I realized the value of this when I purchased my first Briggs and Riley suitcase. For years I would spend $100-$200 on a suitcase that would last one or two summers through Italy’s rough cobblestone streets and endless stairs. When I totaled what I had spent on luggage, I could have already purchased a superior quality Briggs and Riley bag, which come with a lifetime warranty and free repair for life (side-note, beyond the warranty Barbour’s repairs and maintenance are not free, but they are reasonable). I have had my bag for three summers now, and I will never go back to cheap luggage!

Once I discovered Barbour’s quality and maintenance services I knew it was the jacket for me. Having a high-quality waterproof jacket is a necessity for travel (and believe me, I am super tough on my clothes when traversing Italy). I wanted something that I would last for years and never go out of style. While I loved the look of Barbour jackets, I had not found the jacket for me. I was looking for navy (of course), a waxed outer shell, clean lines, and lightweight. Then the other day J.Crew released their new arrivals and they featured the Barbour Shore Jacket, and it’s perfect! Everything I am looking for and (something I didn’t know I wanted) a pop of red, which will match my rain boots perfectly. It’s a match made in heaven!

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