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Decorating on a Budget

While I love decorating, I love chic decor for a steal more! Because let’s be honest, the more I spend on decorating the less there is for my purse and shoe budget (priorities right?). I also like (constantly) redecorating, which means it makes no sense to spend a ton on decor that I might want to redo or update in a year or so. Plus, there is no point in investing in furniture when you are just starting your career and have no clue where you might end up.

My favorite stores for decorating on a budget are HomeGoods, Target, Z Gallery, and of course, Ikea! Seriously check out all of the ideas on Pinterest for Ikea hacks. So many great ideas so little time!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
These are just some of my favorite looks for less. On the left are the pieces I drew inspiration from, and on the right are the less expensive (but still stylish) versions you saw in my apartment tour. If you are patient, creative, and willing to hack some Ikea furniture, you can achieve almost any designer looks for less!
By far, I get the most compliments on this Target rug. It looks amazing and, at $25-50 (it comes in two sizes), it is an incredible deal:

What are you favorite budget-friendly decor stores?