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Loving Lately

I haven’t done a loving lately post in while! I think it is because I’ve been preoccupied with school and travel. In fact, today I am headed to St. Louis to start meeting with faculty and students and finalize our summer program in Florence (I can’t believe I will be back in Italy in just 42 days!). But anyways here is what I’ve been loving lately:


Ok, so maybe I have loved J.Crew longer than just lately, but yesterday they released a preview of their April style guide on Pinterest, and I am loving the colors (kind of reminds me of gelato)! Plus now I can shop!


I know packing stresses a lot of people, but I personally love it! It’s such a fun organizational challenge. It is like someone handing you 10 items and you have to make as many outfits as possible. What can I say, I love a challenge! I also love mixing and matching prints. I think all of this explains why I love a well-packed suitcase. In case you missed it, here is a packing guide for spring and one for winter. And in this post I created a ton of outfit combinations from the spring packing list (I mean who wouldn’t love it?). Don’t worry there will be more packing posts as Italy approaches!

My Apartment

The past couple weeks have been crazy busy. I have definitely been under a lot of pressure and working non stop. When life gets crazy, I really value a calm, clean, and organized home. I also spend more time at home when I am stressed and busy. So these last couple weeks (as I have locked myself inside) I have really come to appreciate all of the time and effort I spent redecorating over the past year. There is something to be said for having a space all your own (well, really it’s Ophelia’s but she lets me stay). Here is my apartment tour (part 1 and part 2), in case you missed it!


Scallops seem to be on trend for spring and I couldn’t be happier about it! The day my shopping fast ended (which was yesterday, #nojudgement) I bought these scalloped shorts! I am also crazy about this phone case (you know I am a sucker for pink and red). I think my next Preppy Printshop release will definitely feature some scallop details!

Kate Spade’s City Guides

In addition to featuring travel destinations as themes in their 2014 collections, Kate Spade has also put together little online travel and city guides (and even tips from locals) that are pretty great! I love reading them and dreaming of places to go or comparing notes to places I have been. Every summer I promise myself that I will visit one new place. Like packing, I love planning trips (I am sure this is a type A personality thing). But this year I am torn between a couple destinations – Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, or Budapest.  I would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations!

Happy Hump Day!