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When I started this blog I was looking for a fun and creative outlet from academia, a place to share my non-academic interests. Two things I never imaged would happen: 1) people would actually read this (it still weirds me out when I discover my friends read it), and 2) I would make so many great connections. I thought blogging would be completely self-indulgent, and while there is definitely an element of that (as with all social media), I was surprised to discover the real connections–giving advice on grad school, encouraging women to enter the field of history, or just simply conveying the importance presentation and style.

I also get a lot of great questions and emails (also completely unexpected). So I thought today I would share some of the most frequently asked questions:
Q. How do you get to travel to Italy ever summer/What do you do in Italy?
A. I was lucky enough to “fall into” working for a study abroad program. When I was entering my senior year in college my advisor invited me on his inaugural summer program in Rome. The course was focused on political science and since it was the first year, it had little organized for history and art history sight-seeing. I took initiative since I wanted to see and do it all while I was there. My advisor was impressed and asked if I wanted to return as his teaching assistant and organize cultural/historical excursions. Ten years later (I am about to spend my 11th summer in Italy… wow!) the program has grown tremendously and I am lucky enough to still be a part of it. When in Italy I liken myself to a glorified cruise director who is really good at herding cats. I schedule and coordinate all of our daily activities, classes, and excursions. I also teach a course. I truly believe in study abroad!
Q. What do you want to do with your degree?
A. I am working on my Ph.D. in History (Italian history, but I am sure you figured that one out) and I hope to find a tenure track position at a research university. I would also love to continue my work with study abroad programs. But really, I am going to go where I get the job!
Q. What color do you dye your hair?
A. I am surprised about how many questions I get about the color of my hair! No, it isn’t natural. I grayed very early so I have been dying it for a long time. Currently I am using Clairol Age Defy (pesky grays) in 5R medium auburn. Besides my color, my biggest hair secrets are: 1) wash as little as possible; 2) hot rollers straighten and add volume with little time and effort; and 3) Pearson Mason brushes are amazing! (you can read more about my hair care routine here
Q. How do you make your prints and pillows?
A. I design all of my prints in pillows in Photoshop and/or Illustrator. They are then printed by a professional manufacturer and sent directly to consumers. 
and the number one question I am constantly asked (not kidding!):

Q. Where is the rug in your OOTDs pictures from?
A. Target! Here is the link and it’s on sale! Seriously I am just as obsessed with this rug as everyone else… I even bought spares!
Ok, now it’s your turn! I’ve been blogging since September and I am curious what you do and don’t like.
Q. Which types of blog post do you like/prefer?

Q. Which kinds of posts would you like to see more of?

Q. Is there anything you don’t care for (it’s ok to be honest, remember, I am in grad school!)?
Feel free to leave any other feedback, it would be much appreciated!
And happy Friday!