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The Best Laid Plans

So… I had planned to shared with you all today my decorating on a budget secrets. But then, my week happened. This week has been insane. I am attempting to juggle mid-term grading, hosting guest lecturers, finalizing my own paper for a conference I will be attending today, tomorrow, and Saturday, meeting with job candidates (our department is hiring a new professor and they encourage PhD students to sit in on the process), and my own course work (aka lots of reading). Don’t get me wrong, these are all great things, I have just never had them all happen in the same week!

As exciting and fun as this week has been, it has also been exhausting. Just to give you an example: Today I am driving about an hour and a half away to attend an important conference. So my day will start at 6:30. However, I can only stay for two panels (of paper presentations) before I have to rush back to my university to watch a job talk (this is when a prospective hire presents their research). Immediately after that talk, I have to dart across campus to hear another paper presentation by a visiting professor from the U.K. This presentation will be followed by drinks and dinner. All of these are invaluable forms of professional development and networking opportunities for me and I am grateful to participate, but like I said… SO TIRED!

Fortunately, spring break is next week and I have amazing plans to work out twice a day and sleep in between. I think I might also binge-watch Breaking Bad… but mostly sleep!

Stay tuned, I promise to share my decorating on a budget tips soon and I can’t say thank you enough for everyone’s kind words about my apartment tour!