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Why I love Nordstrom

Before I declare my love for Nordstrom, I should note that I have zero affiliation with the company and was not sponsored in any way, I am just this crazy for Nordstrom!*

I love great customer service, and no one does customer service like Nordstrom. Case in point – remember that French Connection dress I bought last fall? Well after only a couple wears, I discovered the black dye was bleeding onto the cream parts of the dress, especially under my arms. I was so sad, but because I had worn it and had no clue where the receipt was, I figured it was a lost cause.

Fast forward to last week (remember I bought the dress last fall!). I was in Nordstrom for my monthly brow wax (Anastasia is the best) and I decided to do a little window shopping. I was browsing the dress department when I noticed they were still selling my French Connection dress (and at full price might I add). When the sales lady approached I told her what happened to mine and that she should warn other customers. To my surprise she asked if I still had the dress. When I said yes, she immediately responded “bring it back and we will give you store credit or exchange it for something else.” I told her I didn’t have a receipt and even the debit card I purchased it with was gone (thanks Target). She assured me that none of that was an issue.

I brought the dress back that afternoon and they gave me a gift card for the full value of the dress. How often do you find a company that stands behind everything they sell? I have had similar experiences in their shoe department. Even if you have worn a shoe for weeks, but still are not satisfied (I blister easily), they will take them back with no questions asked!

I try to buy whatever I can from Nordstrom, I mean if they carried J.Crew I might never leave. But seriously, when I invest in something like Tory Burch ballet flats or a nice dress I want to know that I will get my money’s worth!

Thank you Nordstrom for being an incredible company!

PS – Nordstrom Rack is amazing as is their semiannual sale.

*Although Nordstrom if you are out there, I would love to work with you 😉