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Under The Tuscan Sun

For my students’ first weekend in Italy, we ditched Florence and headed out of the city to discover Tuscany. We spent Saturday exploring medieval Siena and Sunday driving through the countryside from winery to winery (sampling along the way of course).

Siena is one of my favorite places to visit. It retains its medieval feel and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in the world! The movies Gladiator, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Twilight have all filmed in this area.

Side note–I am pretty sure my J.Crew scuba skirt is one of my greatest purchases to date! I have gotten a ton of wear out of it (last seen here) and it is so comfortable, lightweight and wrinkle-free, which makes it perfect for traveling!

I am pretty sure this is what heaven looks like!

The weekend was perfect until Sunday afternoon. On the way to our second winery our bus got wedged on a tiny country road and then blew its back suspension! We were able to walk to the winery, but soon realized we were going to be stranded for a while. There are definitely worse places to be stranded. We made the most of our extended afternoon by sampling (lots) of wine and frolicking through the vines!

Next weekend we are heading to the Amalfi Coast! 
Ciao Ciao for now!