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Outfit: Photo Floral

It’s about that time in my summer abroad when I begin to hate all of my clothes! Not really hate, I just get tired of everything, and things are hot… and I have eaten a lot of pasta!

Since I have no choice but to make one suitcase work for three months abroad, I have to get creative. When I feel uninspired and tired of my clothes I take everything out of my closet and sort them into three piles: 1) What I have worn multiple times; 2) What I have barely worn; and 3) What I haven’t worn at all. I set pile #1 aside and make myself mix and match the second and third piles (focusing on the third). I literally curate outfits on my bed lol.

This does a couple things. It helps me realize the pieces I haven’t utilized, and laying everything out helps me to see combinations I didn’t see before. Thanks to this process I put together what might be one of my favorite outfits of all times! This light-blue, striped popover and my J.Crew photo floral shorts!

popover (on sale!) // shorts (on sale!) // bag (last seen here) // espadrilles
What do you do when you’re tired all of your clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear?

PS – We took these in one of my favorite piazzas in Florence, Santissima Annunziata.