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Italy: What I Missed, What I Will Miss

Leaving Italy each year is always bittersweet. I am excited to get home and indulge in some creature comforts, but I also love being in Italy and I always really miss it!

As I recover from my jet lag, I thought it might be fun to reflect on what I missed while in Italy and what I will miss now that I am home.

What I missed:

Well not all coffee, just Dunkin Donuts coffee! Italian coffee is pretty darn good too.

Food Variety
Italian food is amazing, but so is Thai food… just saying Italy πŸ˜‰

I know this seems superficial, but I really missed shopping! Quality clothes, that fit well (fit me well that is), and don’t cost a fortune are not easy to find in Italy. I much prefer the shopping in the States.

TV (in my native tongue)
I miss turning my brain off with trashy American TV (#nojudgement)

Dear Italians, germs make you sick, not air-conditioning. Trust me, summers are nicer with it! I am ready to get home and crank down my AC while I sleep!

My Apartment
I am definitely a nester and I don’t like living in drab and dingy rentals, so I am really ready to get home and maybe even do a little more decorating.

So ready for kitty cuddles πŸ™‚

What I will miss:

Italian Coffee
While I still am obsessed with my daily Dunkin, there is no denying how amazing Italian coffee is. (click here to learn how to drink coffee like an Italian)

Pasta, Pasta, and more Pasta!
It’s so yummy and I can never get enough. Well except my waistline, it has definitely had enough!

Walking Everywhere and Public Transport
This helps with the pasta pounds lol. Also I am really not a fan of driving (except Vespas that is). 

The Countryside
Florida beaches are beautiful but the Tuscan countryside is amazing!

People Watching
I love that it is socially acceptable to stare.

Day Drinking and Prosecco
Wine with lunch? Why not? Also prosecco, aka Venetian water, is probably the most delicious drink. Ever.

Men in Tights
Tuscans love their history and Tuscan men embrace any excuse to wear medieval costumes, complete with tights (#realmenweartights)!

European Adventures
Once you reach Europe it is so easy to travel around. Happiness is being able to take a quick weekend trip to Switzerland.

The History
In Italy you are constantly surrounded by the past. It is in the architecture, the art, the landscape, and the traditions.

I think the key to happily living abroad is to embrace the difference. You have to be able to accept and appreciate what is different, even if it drives you crazy. It doesn’t mean you don’t miss or appreciate home, but that you also enjoy embracing new things, ideas, and ways of doing things. I think people go wrong and often ruin their vacations by trying to replicate home. New places will never be like home, that’s why you’re there, because they are new, exciting, and different!