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90 Days Abroad: What I Brought, What I Bought, What I Wore

Packing for 90 days abroad in one checked bag is definitely a challenge, but if done right, it’s completely doable! Here is a breakdown of what I brought, bought, and wore this summer!

What I Brought:
1 Rain Jacket
1 Denim Jacket
1 Navy Blazer
1 Navy Cardigan
17 Tops
2 Jeans
11 Dresses
5 Skirts
5 Shorts
2 Workout Tops
2 Workout Capris
1 Pair of Wellies
1 Pair of Flip Flips
1 Navy Leather Sandals
1 Pair of Superga Sneakers
1 Pair of Espadrilles
2 Pairs of Jelly Sandals
Various Pjs, Bras, Underwear, Socks, etc.
4 Purses/Bags (1 clutch, 2 Longchamps, and my Kate Spade camera bag)
What I Bought:
What I Wore:
Thanks to a little creativity I only repeated the looks I loved!
(This is just a sample of my summer wardrobe, you can see each day’s look here)

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