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Apartment Therapy: Bedroom Update

Like I said before, whenever I get home from Italy I am in the mood to nest. It’s a combination of things–living in a dingy, impersonal rental apartment for months, and the state of my apartment when I get home (let’s just say it needs a lot of cleaning after three months). So I’ve spent the last couple of weeks cleaning and sprucing the place up a bit.

While I love my white PB Teen monogrammed duvet cover, with a cat and the rate at which I shed, it’s very hard to keep clean. I wanted something a little darker that I could switch it out with. I found this navy and white patterned duvet cover and immediately fell in love! Bonus, it’s reversible!

I also wanted a bit more storage in my bedroom. My open wall closet is amazing, but provides little drawer space. So I picked up a Malm 3-drawer dresser at Ikea and with a little painter’s tape and navy paint it was transformed in a couple hours into a chic bedside table!

To create the Greek key look I simply taped off the pattern I wanted with painter’s tape (in reverse, so the pattern is left blank and the space you don’t want to paint is covered with tape). This created a stencil that I could then paint. Because of Ikea’s glossy finish, you might want to prime or you will get some paint bleed. Or you could be lazy like me, skip the primer, and touch up your edges with a white Sharpie (tip: when working with white Ikea furniture and frames these white Sharpies are miracle workers!).

And voila! The quick and easy finished product:
I have also been hard at work transforming my bathroom. That project, however, is a bit more intensive. But I revealed a sneak peek on Instagram… stay tuned!
What do you think of my latest bedroom updates?