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Bedroom Gallery Wall

I think it is safe to say I have a gallery wall problem. I have one in my living room, one behind my desk, and now, one in my bedroom. Basically if there is a large enough space, I am compelled to fill it with a gallery wall (if only I had a bigger wall in the kitchen).

Before my latest gallery wall, the space above my bed was empty, with just a simple (and slightly warped) mirror. While mirrors are a great way to open up small spaces, I wanted something a little more creative. I was also really excited about my latest prints and wanted to display them! I love the result, I think it really livens up the room!

I have given some tips on how to compose and arrange a gallery wall in the past, but I thought I would share my secret for actually hanging the frames. It is so simple, yet so brilliant. You know those annoying pieces of paper that come inside the frames (sometimes they are pictures of random people or inserts describing the frame’s dimensions)? Well stop throwing them away! They are perfect for planning and hanging your wall.

I take these inserts (with some painter’s tape) and play around with my arrangement (always asymmetrical of course… it’s just more interesting). It allows you to perfect your arrangement without drilling holes or spending extra time cutting the dimension of your frame out of craft paper, which is a great idea, I am just lazy. Once you have your arrangement just right (keeping in mind these inserts are slightly smaller than the frame), I simply line my picture hanger at the top of the insert, hammer, and voila, a great gallery wall!

Happy Friday!
PS – Here is the full tour of my bedroom and my closet.