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Preppy Printshop: New Arrivals

I am really excited about the latest arrivals to the Preppy Printshop! I have branched out a bit and created three kitchen themed prints (of course they would also work in other rooms). I love that they are a little tongue in cheek and I personally relate to each one!
In addition to the kitchen prints, I have also added a new fashion capital print (this time celebrating the lady-like style I associate with Paris), a fabulous pair of bow-back Louboutins (I can’t afford them, but I can hang them on my wall!), a fun pattern play themed print (I told you gingham and leopard was my new favorite combo), and finally I immortalized my fabulous new Kate Spade bow coat in a watercolor print!

Which is your favorite?
PS – Check back tomorrow for a look at my new gallery wall above my bed and some quick tips for hanging your own gallery wall.