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Outfit: Break the Rules

When it comes to fashion, I don’t have a lot of “rules.” After all I think fashion should be fun and you should constantly be trying new things and pushing your style to evolve. I think most fashion rules – no white after Labor Day, no mixing navy and black, and no sequins during the day – are meant to be broken.
But there are a few rules I follow, like only show off one body part at a time (legs or décolletage, not both), tights are not acceptable as pants, and finally, if you are an adult woman, you should not be shopping in the junior’s department. This last one I thought I was pretty dedicated to, after all juniors clothing is designed for young women who have very different bodies than adult women. 
The other day, however, I broke my own rule. I was walking through Dillards and I saw the most adorable pink and red plaid skirt, in the juniors department! I was instantly attracted to the unique color combo (another forbidden fruit) and the flare shape of the skirt. I couldn’t help but try it on. Naturally I had to go up a size to compensate for the juniors cut, but to my surprise it was adorable and well made (it is my favorite structured ponte fabric)!

hat // shirt // skirt // sunnies // socks // shoes // bag (no longer available, similar)

Since it is a junior’s cut, the skirt is a bit too short for teaching. But I think it will transition well into winter and look great with back tights and grey knee socks. I also think I need to wear more pink and red together, I love it!

Which fashion rules do you live by and which ones are you willing to break?