Spring Travel Wish List

If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen lots of travel planning and wanderlusting as of late. Well, that’s because I want to make the most of living in Italy this spring/summer. The best part about living in Europe is how easy and inexpensive it is to travel, and I intend to as much as possible while I am there (on the weekends of course, still got to work!). Deciding where to go, however, is the hard part. So many opportunities, so little time! So far I have decided on the following weekend excursions (all places I have never been to before!).

Amsterdam: Tulips, canals, bikes, and Van Gogh, what’s not to love about Amsterdam? This “Venice of the north” has been on my wanderlust list for years now. I plan on hopping from one art museum to another, sipping coffee in numerous cafes (the non pot kind), strolling and biking the canals, and letting my curiosity get the best of me and sneak a peak of the Red Light District lol. On the top of my sightseeing list is the Anne Frank House, the 14th century Begijnhof houses, and the Rijksmuseum Art Museum.
Budapest: This Eastern European gem has been overlooked by most 20th-century travelers after it was hit hard by World War I and II and Soviet rule. But Budapest has a long and fascinating history and the city has poured a lot of heart (and money) into rebuilding and preserving their past. I for one can’t wait to visit Castle Hill (and the Royal Palace) and the amazing Parliament Building on the Danube. The best part about Budapest – all of the museums, art, architecture, and history of other Western European capitals, at half the price!


Prague: Another important historical center and often under appreciated European city. Prague was once the center of Bohemia and an important Hapsburg city. With over 1100 years of history, there is lots of castles, museums, architecture, churches, and art for this history nerd to explore. I think I am most excited to see the fairytale Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Lennon Wall.

Vienna: Vienna is known as the city of music, but I am really excited about it because it is easily accessible on an overnight train from Florence. I know I am a huge nerd, but I love the overnight train! One of my goals this spring is to see how many places I can get to by overnight train. Vienna will be my first stop. I can’t wait to see the summer palace of the Hapsburgs, the Gothic St. Stephens cathedral, and take in a lot of Baroque art… cause you know, if it ain’t baroque lol!
In addition to these weekend trips, I am really looking forward to the ten-day extravaganza to Paris, London, and Dublin that my friend Nicole and I are taking when she visits in March. It will be a well-deserved spring break!
I am looking for more ideas of places to visit on weekends, so if you have any suggestions please share!

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