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Weekend Reading

I am currently trapped in comps hell (a.k.a comprehensive exams)! I am so thankful it’s the weekend, so all I have to worry about is studying. Hopefully I will be able to leave the house a little bit and enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having. But if you are stuck inside like me (or not), here is a little weekend reading to keep you entertained. 
My favorite history joke, cause I need a laugh!
The most adorable red leather gloves and at a great price.
The perfect travel coffee mug for studying. All the coffee please!
My favorite decorating blog series is back – the one room challenge. Several of my favorite blogs are participating.
Pink and red plaid? Yes, please!
In case you missed it, the lovely Decor Diva featured my apartment on her blog Thursday, complete with an interview. Bonus, we are giving away some prints, so make sure you check it out!
Cuttest. Earmuffs. Ever.
Great/funny video on how we (as a society) view women’s bodies and why.
Finally as a historian, I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on Monday’s “holiday.” I don’t think any historian is a fan of Columbus Day. Let’s get real, Columbus didn’t discover North America, he invaded it (par for the course historically)! The creation of the holiday has it’s own interesting politics and you can learn more about the “real” Columbus here. Spoiler – he’s not a good dude.

Happy Weekend!