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Weekend Reading

I seriously cannot believe that this Thursday is Thanksgiving! Not only am I ready for the holiday season to begin, I am so ready for this short work week. 

Here’s a little weekend reading to sweeten your Sunday:
Taylor Swift is right, it is time to stop calling women “crazy.”
The fascinating history of the cat eye.
I bought (and rocked) my very first beanie this week (#floridagirl)! I loved it so much I also ordered this one.
What Barbie would look like if she were “normal.”
So many new arrivals in the Preppy Printshop! This one is my personal favorite.
I am loving this window pane dress for winter. 
This Target coat is adorable and such a steal! And this plaid peacoat is also fab and reasonably priced.
Do you suffer from “impostor syndrome?”
Want to up your Instagram game? This blog post is very informative and I have recently discovered Iconosquare, which helps you pinpoint optimal posting times and what content your followers respond to the most.
Speaking of social media, will we all be communicating in just emojis in the future?
And of course, I have to comment on the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving. Once again there is a lot more history behind the “day we stuff our faces.” You can read more about the “real” Thanksgiving here. Also, Thanksgiving wasn’t an actual national holiday until Abraham Lincoln decided to make it one in 1863. 
Finally, Thanksgiving was the subject of the most hilarious student question I have ever received while teaching abroad in Italy. The student asked, “what do Italians do for Thanksgiving?” I still chuckle when I think of this question!
Happy short work week!