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Outfit: Comfort, Check!

It’s winter break and I am all about the comfort (and print mixing of course). And nothing is more comfy than effortless braids (directions here), a striped tee, boyfriend jeans, a buffalo check jacket, and leopard slip on sneakers (I am currently breaking them in for Italy). 
So far I have been successful in not unpacking most of my clothes for Italy, which means I only have a handful of items to wear for the next couple of weeks… so I better make the most of them. Now I am working on packing my carry on and deciding what I want to wear on the plane. I also have tons of last minute items to acquire, like a 7-month supply of deodorant and dry shampoo (you can see more of my travel essentials here).
Fortunately, other than final Italy prep and present wrapping, this week will entail lots of relaxing and enjoying some quality time with my cousins. I am hoping there might even be a day or two where I can manage to stay in my pjs all day (I’m obsessed with my new Target macaron pjs, which are on sale in store)!
Anyone else have big plans to do nothing this week?